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Balancing Bulbasaur

January 19, 2012

I decided to practice a new shading technique in Photoshop. I created a small sketch, quickly, just for the purpose of doing so. The creature that came into existence wasn’t something of my own creation, but rather someone else’s. A Pokémon – called Bulbasaur – showed up on my “paper”.

Sketch of Bulbasaur, balancing on two legs.

He balances playfully on two legs, a broad smile making him that much more endearing. I proceeded with shading in black and white on one layer, than adding another layer for color alone. It works somewhat like oil painting with one layer for defining details, light and dark, and a final layer for color. However, in this process it is reversed in some sense. I added color last, but underneath the black and white layer.

Layers and progress on Bulbasaur.

1. This is what the layer with the color looked like alone.
2. The layer I used to add the black, white, and gray for shadows was copied into 3 new layers. One of these layers had color added to it.
3 and 4. The shadows are the same layer, just layered one on top of the other for more contrast and impact on the shadows.

The final picture has a very simple background, as once again my intent was merely to practice the new shading technique in Photoshop. 😉

Bulbasaur, balancing!

Cute, huh?

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