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Cheetah Study

January 27, 2012
Studies of the cheetah's head, face, and spots.

The cheetah is one of the most unique big cats. It's also the fastest land mammal. 🙂

What have I been up to lately? Well, working on college stuff. The semester has started and I’m sure I’ll be posting stuff here even less. But I’ll try to keep things updated. Anyway, about this: I was fairly bored and wanted to do a study of… something. I chose the cheetah because, of all the big cats, it has some of the strangest anatomy (relatively speaking) and is a striking and recognizable animal.

I mean, really!

Did you know their claws don’t retract fully like all other cats’? In fact, in many aspects of their anatomy, cheetahs are very dog-like. Their have a very slender body, not at all the stocky sort of build every other cat has. Anyway – all of these sketches were referenced from a variety of photos with my own notes and observations. I’m hoping to fill a couple more sketchbook pages with some more studies and details. Here I’ve only covered details of the head and face, as well as some notes on their spot patterns. I have yet to look at the entire body and it’s proportions (except that little doodle in the upper-left corner), and I want to study their paws! Paws are hard to draw… in fact, most digits are hard to draw.

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