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Fan-art and Phoenixes

April 17, 2012

I’ve done quite a bit of doodling lately. That’s saying something since I haven’t just taken a seat and drawn something for fun in a long time. Here’s a pretty decent sample of what I’ve done lately. There’s a lot of fan-art since I was drawing while watching movies for some of them. So on that note, let’s start off with the non-fan-art, shall we? 🙂

She needs an airship. And goggles.

This young lady looks about 15, rebellious, and probably has an airship parked out back. Oh. And she’s missing her goggles. But I’m going to give her some. 🙂 A random character design. She came to life, telling me what to draw… She started off as an exaggerated, twiggy human. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to exaggerate her proportions at least a little.

My interested in her design started failing just a little as I got past her waist, so her legs and shoes are messy.

It's pink. That's what.

This one was completely random. Wanted to draw something slightly impish/cutesy. At the time I was having lunch with a friend. She had no idea what I was doing when I asked her to name a random color (pink) and then asked her to choose: spots or stripes? (Stripes won.) This was the result.

CHICK-EN-saur-us Rex. A Phoenix perched on a branch. I was thinking a little of Fawkes from Harry Potter, but it's not really. 
These guys were pretty random. A chicken-like T-rex, a phoenix (based loosely on an older idea of mine). The Nightfury was featured on a full page of sketches featuring a Nightfury (who is NOT Toothless!) Here’s the full page:

Random Nightfuries.

So now things get a little more fan-arty:Megamind, Tintin, Snowy!

At the top you have Thompson (or Thomson!) from The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. Then you have Minion (from Megamind. Drawn by one of my lovely roommates!) The rest of course were drawn by me: Megamind himself, Snowy, and Tintin! After making this doodle of Tintin I decided to try again digitally, and the following resulted:


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