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It’s That Time Again – It’s Time…

January 6, 2013

…to update!

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated! I know not many people visit my blog right now (especially with it not being updated in, oh… more than six months. Or at least not since April!) but I seriously do wanna make sure I keep updating this every now and again. I mean, really. I sketch all the time. Even when I shouldn’t. And I don’t even post all of the sketches I do on here!

…Just a lot of them.

The interesting ones.

The ones with stories or that I like.

Anyway, it has been a long time and so, at the very least, I’m going to make this a “good” one! That is: I have a TON of sketches to add!

You’ll probably note an excess of human and humanoid beings in this batch. This was prompted by a comment from my sister along the lines of how I “couldn’t” draw humans. I quickly corrected her with this point: I can, in fact, draw humans. If I want to. And when I’m just drawing on my own with nothing in mind I often revert to drawing things I love. On the other hand, she got me to thinking: I should practice things I don’t like as well. Which I know. But she just helped push me forward. So thank you, darling Sister, for giving a push to improve! (No. Seriously. I hope she reads this.)

JuliyenSo Many ScalesJesus Hugz!FaeReflectionsMeridaDanni Merida Port ElevenGryphons Ten WHUT Attention Side Failed Self-Port Fox Practice PortAladdin and Jasmin - Fan art Loan Shark Jonah and some other stuff. Kitty! Just a girl.



Freaky, science-fictiony twist on a mermaid. Just a fun concept design I decided to roll with.


A friend of mine was interested in getting a small tattoo so I sketched up some design ideas for her…

Brown Hyena

Lonely George

Breath of Light

This one ended up colored. You can see it here.


TintinTintin - Colored

Herge’s Tintin!

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