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It’s That Time Again – It’s Time…

…to update!

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated! I know not many people visit my blog right now (especially with it not being updated in, oh… more than six months. Or at least not since April!) but I seriously do wanna make sure I keep updating this every now and again. I mean, really. I sketch all the time. Even when I shouldn’t. And I don’t even post all of the sketches I do on here!

…Just a lot of them.

The interesting ones.

The ones with stories or that I like.

Anyway, it has been a long time and so, at the very least, I’m going to make this a “good” one! That is: I have a TON of sketches to add!

You’ll probably note an excess of human and humanoid beings in this batch. This was prompted by a comment from my sister along the lines of how I “couldn’t” draw humans. I quickly corrected her with this point: I can, in fact, draw humans. If I want to. And when I’m just drawing on my own with nothing in mind I often revert to drawing things I love. On the other hand, she got me to thinking: I should practice things I don’t like as well. Which I know. But she just helped push me forward. So thank you, darling Sister, for giving a push to improve! (No. Seriously. I hope she reads this.)

JuliyenSo Many ScalesJesus Hugz!FaeReflectionsMeridaDanni Merida Port ElevenGryphons Ten WHUT Attention Side Failed Self-Port Fox Practice PortAladdin and Jasmin - Fan art Loan Shark Jonah and some other stuff. Kitty! Just a girl.



Freaky, science-fictiony twist on a mermaid. Just a fun concept design I decided to roll with.


A friend of mine was interested in getting a small tattoo so I sketched up some design ideas for her…

Brown Hyena

Lonely George

Breath of Light

This one ended up colored. You can see it here.


TintinTintin - Colored

Herge’s Tintin!


Fan-art and Phoenixes

I’ve done quite a bit of doodling lately. That’s saying something since I haven’t just taken a seat and drawn something for fun in a long time. Here’s a pretty decent sample of what I’ve done lately. There’s a lot of fan-art since I was drawing while watching movies for some of them. So on that note, let’s start off with the non-fan-art, shall we? 🙂

She needs an airship. And goggles.

This young lady looks about 15, rebellious, and probably has an airship parked out back. Oh. And she’s missing her goggles. But I’m going to give her some. 🙂 A random character design. She came to life, telling me what to draw… She started off as an exaggerated, twiggy human. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to exaggerate her proportions at least a little.

My interested in her design started failing just a little as I got past her waist, so her legs and shoes are messy.

It's pink. That's what.

This one was completely random. Wanted to draw something slightly impish/cutesy. At the time I was having lunch with a friend. She had no idea what I was doing when I asked her to name a random color (pink) and then asked her to choose: spots or stripes? (Stripes won.) This was the result.

CHICK-EN-saur-us Rex. A Phoenix perched on a branch. I was thinking a little of Fawkes from Harry Potter, but it's not really. 
These guys were pretty random. A chicken-like T-rex, a phoenix (based loosely on an older idea of mine). The Nightfury was featured on a full page of sketches featuring a Nightfury (who is NOT Toothless!) Here’s the full page:

Random Nightfuries.

So now things get a little more fan-arty:Megamind, Tintin, Snowy!

At the top you have Thompson (or Thomson!) from The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. Then you have Minion (from Megamind. Drawn by one of my lovely roommates!) The rest of course were drawn by me: Megamind himself, Snowy, and Tintin! After making this doodle of Tintin I decided to try again digitally, and the following resulted:


The Sunday Doodles

FROG stands for "Fully Rely On God".

Just a head’s up: this blog post will contain religious themes and some of my thoughts/views on such.

Hey… did I ever mention I’d probably not update this thing regularly? 😛

I doodle in church. I have to. Doodling helps me stay focused! Except, of course, when it doesn’t. Naturally, I’ll always have a sketchbook with me on Sunday morning (or Saturday night, as the case may sometimes be) while I’m at church.

Sunday doodles are usually small with several filling a single page like so:

A whole page devoted to one service.

The Sunday Doodles... from a Saturday evening service! Click the thumbnail to see the full size!

This page features a few doodles and several notes from the service that Saturday. This is how I keep track of sermons. I pay more attention (usually!) when I’m drawing something on a page that may seem unrelated to what the pastor’s saying. That’s just how my mind works!

This past Saturday I took a lot of notes relative to drawings. In fact, one of the drawings was added a couple hours after the service (the image of a weeping girl in the lower right-hand corner). So that’s only 4 images. Still, each one had some meaning or place in my mind in relation to something I heard during the sermon or something that occurred to me in the midst of the pastor’s preaching.

The Heart of Everything

The Heart of Everything

God is the Heart of Everything.

At top an center is a doodle of a heart with a trunk and branches like a tree. My thoughts were something along this line > God is Love > Love should be in the middle of everything > God is/should be the center of everything > Everything we do should branch from our desire to serve God and Love others. …or something like that. 🙂 So I represented it with a tree, its roots and branches growing from a center of Love.


FROG stands for "Fully Rely On God".

Fully Rely On God.

In the center of the page is a simple drawing of a frog. This is one I hope to finish and make a logo out of. The logo came from a thought and an acronym I learned in VBS when I was younger: FROG. Fully Rely On God. This would be a theoretical logo for something along the lines of “FROG Ministries” I guess.

The following Sunday I visited another church. I wasn’t nearly as interested in the service. Usually when I’m not as invested in the service my doodles will become a little more flesh-out as my thoughts focus on what I’m drawing rather than what’s being said. Also, my doodles tend to become “wilder” and lean more into my own personal interests (like fantasy, animals, and… anything that might come to my mind right then). The following was a result of this:

A Gnome?

Weeeeeird. Click the thumbnail for full view.

So I really just wanted to draw a potentially cranky-looking old guy with a beard. This made me think of dwarves, gnomes, goblins, and what-have-you. The result was an armless guy (or a guy whose arms are hidden in his beard-of-awesome?) with feet poking out of the bottom. I think he might be some kind of gnome. I’m not sure. 🙂 Your guess is as good as mine! But he was fun to draw in any case!

Update 3/27/12

Sometimes I actually decide to color things promptly. In this case, I colored the above gnome-thing in Corel Painter Sketch Pad. Take a look!

The gnome in color.

The Benefits of Studying

Unreferenced cheetah sketches

The benefits of studying are great, eh?

So here’s a little something which may (or may not) show the benefit of doing things like a study of one particular creature’s anatomy, like the cheetah study I did in the last post. Much more accurate anatomy, even when I’m not looking at a photograph. The animal portrayed here is actually an animal character of mine named Selini. She’s a maltese (“blue”) cheetah with another rare (but not unheard of) mutation which causes her not to have spots, just speckles along her nape and shoulders.

The sketch in the upper-right-hand corner (where she looks pretty ticked off) has actually been colored. You can see it in my deviantART gallery: Selini.

Cheetahs weren’t the only thing I’ve been drawing this week. I’ve been throwing around ideas for another digital painting. It’s in progress – I’m still trying to perfect the lighting and colors I want to use.

Step 1

I started off with a simple sketch in black and white. I used minimal shading. Next I began to experiment with the colors I might want to use. I wanted to use something warm, because warm colors tend to be more associated with feelings of happiness and excitement. I definitely want these sort of feelings to be associated with the curious kitten.

Proposed colors for the next painting...

Step 2

There’s no sort of lighting or shading at all on the kitten, just the general ideas I want for his colors. To figure out how I want the shading to look, I created a new layer and began playing around with two colors: black and white.

Proposed shading for kitten...

My intention with the lighting is to create a definite focal point – a place where your eyes are naturally drawn in the image, a place where I, the artist, want your eyes to linger more than elsewhere. In this case, I want your eyes to follow the strand of yarn/rope/thread/however you want to interpret it down the kitten’s paw and foreleg to his face. His face is the lightest part of the image in general for this reason. Not only that, but his face has (or will have) the most contrast – drawing the eye that way as well.

Step 3

Finally, here is the image with the shading layer placed over the proposed colors just to get a good idea of what I’m going for. If/when I finish this little guy I will be posting the finished product… if not here, then in one of my galleries. Keep an eye out for the link!

The kitten concept with colors and shading combined.

The full concept for the kitten with shading and colors combined.

See you later! ❤

Cheetah Study

Studies of the cheetah's head, face, and spots.

The cheetah is one of the most unique big cats. It's also the fastest land mammal. 🙂

What have I been up to lately? Well, working on college stuff. The semester has started and I’m sure I’ll be posting stuff here even less. But I’ll try to keep things updated. Anyway, about this: I was fairly bored and wanted to do a study of… something. I chose the cheetah because, of all the big cats, it has some of the strangest anatomy (relatively speaking) and is a striking and recognizable animal.

I mean, really!

Did you know their claws don’t retract fully like all other cats’? In fact, in many aspects of their anatomy, cheetahs are very dog-like. Their have a very slender body, not at all the stocky sort of build every other cat has. Anyway – all of these sketches were referenced from a variety of photos with my own notes and observations. I’m hoping to fill a couple more sketchbook pages with some more studies and details. Here I’ve only covered details of the head and face, as well as some notes on their spot patterns. I have yet to look at the entire body and it’s proportions (except that little doodle in the upper-left corner), and I want to study their paws! Paws are hard to draw… in fact, most digits are hard to draw.

Cats. And a Puppy.

I don’t sketch enough methinks. And when I do, I have a tendency to be drawn toward animals – especially my personal favorites. I can’t help myself – with no real direction but a desire to draw something, I usually find my paper decorated with felines! This week I’ve really wanted to draw, though very little is turning out the way I would like. I still would like to work a lot on my shading, but to do that I need some drawings to shade… and I’m not up for using anything older right now.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve come up with recently:


This is a sketch of a big guy named “Shongshar.” He is a character in Clare Bell’s novel, “Clan Ground”. He’s an intelligent big cat similar to a sabre-toothed cat and acts as something of an antagonist in the book. I didn’t get around to coloring this one yet ’cause I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with it.

Siamese Cat



This one showed up later as I was sketching – something quick, simple. Something I could color quickly. Like I said, I’m still trying to practice this new way of shading – finding its strengths and its limitations as I work.






This particular sketch is actually quite a bit larger than the size shown. The creature is a Khajiit from the Elder Scrolls series. I, in particular, was thinking of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is an awesome and enjoyable game. This isn’t the character I play in the game – only an idea. She is a Khajiiti mage.

To finish things up here, let’s break away from all the felines. This guy showed up as I was searching the internet for pictures to inspire me. I can’t really claim credit for the pose at all… but he is cute!


He’s based off of a photo from I was working quickly and sloppily.

Balancing Bulbasaur

I decided to practice a new shading technique in Photoshop. I created a small sketch, quickly, just for the purpose of doing so. The creature that came into existence wasn’t something of my own creation, but rather someone else’s. A Pokémon – called Bulbasaur – showed up on my “paper”.

Sketch of Bulbasaur, balancing on two legs.

He balances playfully on two legs, a broad smile making him that much more endearing. I proceeded with shading in black and white on one layer, than adding another layer for color alone. It works somewhat like oil painting with one layer for defining details, light and dark, and a final layer for color. However, in this process it is reversed in some sense. I added color last, but underneath the black and white layer.

Layers and progress on Bulbasaur.

1. This is what the layer with the color looked like alone.
2. The layer I used to add the black, white, and gray for shadows was copied into 3 new layers. One of these layers had color added to it.
3 and 4. The shadows are the same layer, just layered one on top of the other for more contrast and impact on the shadows.

The final picture has a very simple background, as once again my intent was merely to practice the new shading technique in Photoshop. 😉

Bulbasaur, balancing!

Cute, huh?